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PARA’s unique, ongoing training program is modeled after the internationally-renowned methods utilized in Dusty Rhode’s DR Education system. Dusty Rhode’s genuine, passionate approach to education made DR Education one of the most sought-after educational systems ever offered on the AVEDA network. As an AVEDA Global Guest Artist, Dusty Rhode has lead the industry to new heights with his participation in AVEDA product development, AVEDA product testing, international AVEDA video tutorials, international AVEDA ad campaigns, and as a featured clinician and presenter at all of AVEDA’s major hair shows.

Implementation of the DR Education system at PARA is simple. We believe in teaching a solid technical foundation, a competent understanding of shape and design, and effective and productive methods of approach. We encourage and inspire each individual, challenging all staff to find their own unique sense of style, to never stop learning, and to share their knowledge with their peers in the greater hair professional community. Interested in joining PARA? Start the conversation by completing the form below.

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